Jan 03, 2018

The Barnards – Family Life Captured Forever

Family Life

There is nothing more precious than being able to capture intimate memories for a family. To leave them with a lasting record of times they have spent simply laughing, loving and enjoying everyday life together. So this is the Barnards – Family Life captured forever.

When I was given the opportunity to do this for the Barnard Family, having previously photographed their wedding in June 2013, I was delighted. After the birth of their son,  Tonya and Lee Barnard asked me to photograph their family. I knew that having the shoot ‘at home’ would be key to ensuring natural and relaxed photography at home

Posed studio photography rarely gives any real insight into the heart of a family. I wanted to produce photographs that encapsulated what the Barnard Family is all about.  So, I arranged to do the shoot in their beautiful home in Danbury, Essex.  I arrived for breakfast and captured their family life story as it unfolded. 

Baby Drew & Avie

Baby Drew was an absolute dream to work with, as was his sister Avie. Her playful nature resulted in some gorgeous spontaneous moments caught on camera. With the family enjoying their day and the shoot in a completely relaxed manner. Breakfast-time was followed with a bit of Disney on the TV as Mummy fed Drew. I blended in and recorded regular family life. One of my favourite photographs was caught when Avie clung onto Daddy’s arm for support, during a scary moment on TV!

As a parent myself, I know how important it is to be able to gift memories to your children as they grow up. Genuine moments that they might not be able to recall otherwise. By photographing the Barnards in an informal setting, surrounded by their home comforts, I could freeze these special moments in time. Avie will now be able to look back and remember baking cakes with Mummy, reading with Daddy and playing doctors with her new baby brother. And Drew can see how enraptured his parents were with him.

Tonya and Lee have impeccable taste. I love their home – and their dogs, who are part of the family too. This was a fun, relaxed and hugely enjoyable shoot.  I am very grateful for being able to photograph this lovely, young family.