“Dear Jasmine! 

You are a super woman! I honestly believe that finding you before I even decided on a date or the venue for the wedding was meant to be! I fell in love with your photography from the moment I came across the wedding you did in Syon Park! 

You did not leave me on my own for a single second, and every time I looked around, you were there. I honestly didn’t even have to speak for you to understand how I felt! When I say you were a super woman, I truly meant it, because for the day you were my photographer, make- up artist, hair stylist, emotional support system and best friend! 

I also wanted to say how equally amazing Jo was, Navid kept saying how kind, lovely and warm she was. 

All our guests wouldn’t stop talking about the two of you, they keep saying how lively, friendly, warm, and professional you both were! We are all so grateful for having you both by our sides to capture the best day of our lives! 

I really hope that you both had fun, ate well and weren’t too tired at the end of the night, and I hope you have recovered from Friday! 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you being there!”