Mar 01, 2022

Natural and Relaxed Photography at home

natural and relaxed photography at home

Natural and Relaxed Photography at home

In April, I had the pleasure of photographing Kimberley and her two adorable boys Ellis and Harry.  I took their photographs at their home in Coggeshall. She wanted to capture some natural and relaxed photography of them in their home.

Harry is the cheekiest little boy. He operates at 100 miles per hour and so Kimberley wasn’t confident I’d capture anything of him. To be honest he’s my favourite type of child to photograph.  His personality shines through in the natural and relaxed photographs. I am so pleased we got so many great photographs of the boys together.

I documented them playing with their toys, jumping on the sofa, playing hide and seek from mummy and generally running about the house being boys!

We also spent some time with each of the boys in their bedrooms. When the boys grow up and look back at these natural and relaxed photographs I love the fact it will remind them of their happy childhood. Ellis was such a lovely boy to work with. He enjoyed showing me his poses whilst I was working with him. Also he was so good at entertaining and caring for his younger brother.

One of my favourite moments of the shoot was whilst I was watching Harry show his dinosaur his iPad. Within a flash he brought the dinosaur to my camera lens and roared has his dinosaur pretended to eat my camera. You can see from Harry’s expression how much he enjoyed it!

I also love the natural and relaxed photograph of the boys hiding from their mum behind the sofa. Ellis is shushing as to not give the game away.

Rufus the Australian Labradoodle

I almost forgot to mention Rufus, the families Australian Labradoodle – could he be any more handsome?! Rufus is a stud dog for Blakeswood Doodles and I can see why.  He has a lovely temperament, gorgeous looks and doesn’t shed!