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  • London and Essex based photographer, specialising in relaxed family photography and portraiture in homes up and down the UK.  Working predominantly with children, I capture natural childhood moments and document your little ones as they grow up… so you can gift them their memories when they’re older.  I’ve been photographing families for over 10 years, but becoming a Mum gave me a new perspective on what I want to offer my clients.  I used to strive to create the ‘perfect shot’ - taking posed photographs and hiding all imperfections in set-up scenarios.  As a parent? I quickly realised that the imperfections I had been trying to hide mattered more than I knew - and what I used to consider ‘imperfect’ shots of my son soon became my favourite photographs.  They captured the real situation - the real moment - and showed my little boy exactly how he was.  That’s what I want to offer you: photographs that capture the ‘real’ moments, documenting your children as they grow up - exactly how they are.  With a raw, relaxed style - I create documentary style photographs that create a window into a moment in time, reflecting just how everything truly was.  My ‘real’ photographs of my son become more valuable to me as time goes on and eventually they’ll become his gift, from me… all of his childhood memories, captured forever, in countless albums, endless frames and prints on the wall.  I want to gift your children the same thing: their memories.  The sofas they jumped on, the forts they built - the kitchen tops they sat on, the cupboards they hid in.  As time goes on, I want to photograph their journey year after year, telling their story - the way they live it, in the homes they grow up in. I work unobtrusively in homes and gardens across the UK, creating a portfolio of images of your children in their favourite spaces - that they can treasure forever.  Working with the natural light and decor of your home, it’s all about getting to know you and your child - then snapping the natural moments as they happen.

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