mia sitting on her mum and dads huge bed in their bedroom
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For me, photographing previous clients is such a lovely experience. I am fortunate enough to have some of the most loveliest clients and Danny & Louise are no exception to that. I first photographed them for their wedding at Le Talbooth, Essex in September 2014 and was delighted to capture their newborn baby Mia in July 2016, and then again in February, photographed at home. Finally most recently for her first birthday at Mersea Island on the beach in Essex.

I’ve been looking back at work over the year and I really wanted to show this shoot of the family, photographed at home. Their Essex home is simply stunning.  Louise and Danny’s styling in their beautiful house is exceptional and I hope these images capture a glimpse of that for them to have forever, even when they redecorate or move. More importantly I love these images of Mia. I remember for this shoot she had just started eating food and also had learnt how to wave hello the week of my visit.  To catch these milestones for her to have when she is older is really really special.

Danny and Louise’s house is like something out of a white company magazine. My favourite photograph is the picture of Mia sitting all alone on their huge bed and waving at the camera. It shows just how little she is, the decor of their house and how she had learnt to wave. For me it summarises the day well and makes me smile.


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