Jan 07, 2018

A picture of warmth and contentment

A Picture of warmth and Contentment

https://littlebaddow.org.ukAfter the rush of Christmas I was invited to photograph the Smith Family, relaxing at their fabulous home in the pretty village of Little Baddow, Chelmsford. I think the images show the families warmth and contentment.

It was the perfect time to capture the Smiths enjoying some quality, post-Christmas, family-time together. On my arrival they extended a very warm welcome to me.  It was much appreciated on a cold winter’s day. Indeed, warmth exuded from this family from the moment I met them and I wanted to make sure this came across in the photographs.

The key to achieving this was getting to know the family and observing how they interacted with each other. So I spent time talking to each of the Smiths, to understand what their passions and hobbies were. I chatted to the children, to find out what they enjoyed doing best. The daughter was excited to show-off her make-up collection to me. We had fun capturing some pictures of her applying it in her bedroom mirror. The son is into his football. Therefore he spent a fair amount of time kicking a ball at me (as I requested!)

Having Fun Together

Having fun together came naturally to the Smiths. During the course of my time with them, they were often laughing and joking. This is reflected in the photographs from the shoot. Encapsulating the joy of time spent with loved ones during the Christmas holidays. I captured memories of the Smiths as they relaxed. Each activity the family enjoyed together provided an opportunity for some wonderful snapshots. A competitive Xbox challenge gave us some great facial expressions! And a waffle-making session in the kitchen, which didn’t quite go to plan made the day even more memorable!

The photographs from my day with the Smiths capture lots of big smiles and affectionate moments, all in a candid and informal manner. Most of all, I hope they portray the sense of love and contentment, which surrounded this lovely family.

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