Relaxed Family Photography

  • mia sitting on her mum and dads huge bed in their bedroom

    Baby Mia Photographed at Home

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  • Unposed black and white family portrait on the beach of the Lynch family having fun

    Family Portrait Photographer on Mersea Island

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  • a black and white photograph of a boy eating cake

    Spring Cottage Little Baddow

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  • A young girl and her sister sitting on the grand staircase inside their home in Little Baddow.


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  • the Barnard family at their home in Danbury


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  • kids embrace their dog at the bottom of their stairs

    A picture of warmth and contentment

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  • Baby Mia Photographed at Home

    For me, photographing previous clients is such a lovely experience. I am fortunate enough to have some of the most loveliest clients and Danny & Louise are no exception to that. I first photographed them for their wedding at Le Talbooth, Essex in September 2014 and was delighted to capture their newborn baby Mia in July 2016, and then again in ...
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  • Family Portrait Photographer on Mersea Island

    Being a family portrait photographer is an honour especially when I get to work with great couples like Samantha and Paul. This was the fourth time I have photographed them! The first was their pre wedding shoot, the second their wedding day and the third time was when Grace was a baby. It was so lovely to catch up with them again and meet the newe...
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About Jasmine

London and Essex based photographer, specialising in relaxed family photography and portraiture in homes up and down the UK.

Working predominantly with children, I capture natural childhood moments and document your little ones as they grow up — so you can gift them their memories, when they’re older.

Picture this

After a three-day labour and emergency C-section – I hope I’ll be forgiven for not being able to capture the initial moments after my son was born.

I grabbed my camera as soon as I could and have been making up for it ever since. First, documenting Parker’s first few hours in the hospital… then his first few days… and then every moment I possibly could thereafter. In fact, I’ve had no less than five professional shoots taken of him in his first year.

Memory is a powerful thing, but nowhere near as powerful as a photograph. Things fade from our minds, no matter how precious they are.

Even after just one year, if it wasn’t for my photographs – I would have forgotten just how vulnerable he was. How helpless he was. Just how wrinkly he actually looked the day he was born. I would have forgotten how tiny his hands looked in mine – or how he styled his rockstar mohawk, before it suddenly abandoned us… and became regular flat hair.

I don’t want to forget anything.

And I’m sure you don’t, either.

Capture it

I specialise in capturing the moments that matter.

I’ve been photographing families for over 10 years, but following the birth of my son, have a completely new perspective on what I want to offer my clients.

Before becoming a Mum, I always preferred the ‘perfect shot’ – posed photographs with babies delicately placed in baskets, children smelling flowers in bluebell fields etc.

As a parent? I quickly realised that the imperfections mattered more than I knew, and what I used to consider ‘imperfect’ shots of my son soon became my favourite photographs. They captured the real situation – the real moment – and showed Parker exactly how he was.

Today, I strive to capture these raw, relaxed photographs for my clients, offering a window into a moment in time – reflecting just how everything truly was.

My ‘real’ photographs of Parker become more valuable to me as time goes on.

When he becomes an adult himself, they’ll become his gift – all of his childhood memories, captured forever, in countless albums, endless frames and prints on the wall… so he can go back there, whenever he likes.

Create a window to their past

I want to gift your children the same thing: their memories.

The sofas they jumped on, the forts they built – the kitchen tops they sat on, the cupboards they hid in… the pets they loved. As time goes on, I want to capture them grow. Their first uniform, their first bike, the measurement marks on the door frame.

I want to photograph their journey, year after year – and tell their story, the way they live it, in the homes they grow up in.

How I work

I work unobtrusively in homes and gardens across the UK, building a portfolio of images of your child in their favourite spaces, that they can then treasure forever.

Producing luxury relaxed family photography, I work with the natural light and decor of your home, snapping the natural moments as they happen.

It’s all about getting to know you and your child, capturing a true-to-life essence in all my photography.

Hire me

Looking for relaxed, luxury family photography with a real and personal touch?

All it takes is a quick chat on the phone (or email!) and a day that suits you.

Take a look at my portfolio and contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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